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Garbage Pail Kids
(also known as "The Garbage Gang" in Australia & New Zealand and later United Kingdom versions), "La Pandilla Basura" or "Basuritas" in Latin America, "Gang do Lixo" in Brazil, "Sgorbions" in Italy, "Les Crados" in France and "Die total kaputten Kids" in Germany) is a series of trading cards produced by the Topps Company, originally released in 1985 and designed to parody the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls created by Xavier Roberts which were immensely popular at the time.

Each sticker card features a Garbage Pail Kid character having some comical abnormality and/or suffering some terrible fate, and a humorous, word play-rich character name, such as Glandular Angela or Half-Nelson.
Two versions of each card were produced, with variations featuring the same artwork but a different character name denoted by an "a" or "b" letter after the card number; in rare instances a third name shared one of the letters.
The sticker fronts are die-cut so just the kid with its nameplate and the GPK logo can be peeled from the backing. Many of the card backs feature puzzle pieces to form giant 9-card murals.
Topps was sued by the makers of Cabbage Patch Kids, Original Appalachian Artworks, Inc., because of copyright infringements.  Garbage Pail Kids looked too much like Cabbage Patch Kids, so Topps was forced to change how Garbage Pail Kids were designed. 
This is why starting at the United States Garbage Pail Kids 10th Series the characters were designed to look more they were made of hard plastic, and they were supposed to have jug ears, round eyes, and four fingers on each hand.


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